Immigration, Incarceration and Deportation in the Boston Public School System by Alec Black ’23

I created a website that tracks legislation, candidates, and local groups that work at the intersection of immigration and K-12 educational policy. This is intended for campaign staffers, community organizers, and anyone who wants to learn about this intersection of public policy at local (Boston-specific), state, and federal levels.

Sponsor: Tonya Todesco, Campaign Director for Kendra Hicks for Boston City Council

Student reflection excerpt:

I learned how to consult local organizers and news outlets, as well as how to work with organizers involved in these projects. I haven’t had to conduct this sort of sustained research before, and learned how best to shape a website via design and content for a public audience. Also, I learned that I very much enjoy policy research and want to continue in this area!

Instructor reflection:

I want to point out and commend what you learned through your process – not just what you accomplished through your product. Prior to the start of the semester, you had an idea of what you wanted to study and implement, but you were able to adapt based on your own instincts, external input, and competing demands along the way. Juggling and remaining nimble is an art, and I appreciate that you were able to experience that this semester. P.S. I’m thrilled to hear that this led to a paid summer position with the Hicks campaign and also a research project with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin!