Education Azimuth Check by Jordan Agricula ’21

Education Azimuth Check is a podcast the highlights programs and services that help support military-related students pursue their goals in higher education. I started this semester by diving into research covering the implementation and impact of various student service-related programs, emphasizing those focused on military-related students. I then shifted to interview individuals who work within this field and military-related students to learn about how different programs have impacted this community’s ability to succeed in higher education. I also spoke with my sponsor, Ramiro Hernandez, a Veteran Academic Counselor at San Diego Mesa College, about how they have had trouble getting information to specific groups within their military-related student population. I formed Education Azimuth Check to create a repository of programs and services that military-related students can access and find out how they have impacted others from these conversations. In particular, the target audience for this project was the military-related students at San Diego Mesa College. However, it became apparent that this information could be helpful for any military-related student pursuing higher education.

Sponsor: Ramiro Hernandez, Veterans Academic Counselor at San Diego Mesa College.

Student reflection excerpt:

I have been a part of the military-related student community in different capacities over the last eight years. Yet, this project has helped re-enforce the fact that I still have a lot to learn about it. An example of this is something I learned from a research study that stated that 44% of military-related students have never talked to a faculty member outside of the classroom. The same percentage reported that they have never spoken with an academic advisor. These are two perfect examples of episodes that I would like to focus on because military-related students can utilize these resources to transform their experience in higher education.

Instructor reflection:

This is masterful work, Jordan. Going into the semester, you had a solid vison for what you wanted to learn, make, and accomplish. Mid-way through, I know you hit some walls and uncertainties, however. It is especially impressive to see what emerged from that uncertainty: a fully developed, high-quality, multi-episode podcast with a companion website. I’m not sure how you pulled this off, but I am sure glad that you did!