A one, a two, a reformed dance education system! by Alla Kiperman ’21

A research project focusing on expanding the boundaries of what it means to teach dance to children and young adults in the form of a 30-minute educational video log. The video log discusses the constraints of the traditional dance education system and suggests new and reformed ways of approaching dance pedagogy.

Sponsor: Anna Greenidge, performing artist and musical theatre teacher based in Bridgetown, Barbados

Student reflection excerpt:It was incredible to learn that there was a whole array of information and insight on reforming dance education and breaking down structures. I did not expect to find so many sources of all kinds in support of this project. This process taught me to be flexible and inspired me to delve into this topic even deeper than before.

I would definitely invest in a better camera and perhaps a ring light and a tripod for the filming part. I would also like to include interviews with experts in the field as part of the video log.

I would like to take this project further and develop a constructive lesson plan based on my research findings and trial teaching experiences.

Instructor reflection: Observing your process has taught me how much artistic expression relates to project management. As a choreographer and a dancer, you already knew the importance of rigorous background research, thoughtful creative process, and audience engagement. It’s cool to see you apply these steps to the field of dance education in such a thoughtful, diligent, and purposeful way. Like many other Engaged Projects students, you are leaning into a beast of a topic with your work – one that will be hard to influence – but not impossible! Keep learning, making, sharing, and seeking feedback – and repeating that cycle. Not only will you have influence but I suspect you will continue to enjoy that process.