Happy Healthy by Andi Wiley ‘22

My Engaged Project focused on health and wellness with a combination of healthy and easy food recipes along with tips and resources for an organized and happy lifestyle centered on individuals in or right out of college. I published an ebook that served as an extension of my instagram account (@happi.healthi) and a website to further promote recipes and as a place to download the ebook.

Sponsor: Laura Cox, Head of Marketing for Eclipse Foods

Student reflection:

I learned how much time and effort it takes to create a product that you really care about (and specifically how difficult it is creating a website!). But really, this was a great test of my time management and organizational skills. Also, it was a very valuable learning experience having to contact and work with a sponsor and other students in my cohort. Lastly, I was connected with some very cool and helpful people through this process, people whom I likely would not have met if not for the book.

Instructor feedback:

Congratulations on birthing your first e-book! It is beautiful and a lasting artifact of not just your work this semester, but of your sustained focus on nutrition and wellness during the past several years. And, as important as the book is, I’d argue that you are leaving this course with equally important, non-tangible insights, for example your increased time-management ability, your keen appreciation for engaging directly with mentors and supporters, and your understanding of diminishing returns in project management (i.e. wasting huge amounts of time on small tweaks that won’t measurably improve the product; we all do this!). I have already become a loyal follower of happi.healthi and I look forward to the content you will create long after this semester is over.